Warmly congratulate Shandong Bright won the Dezhou Science and Technology Award!


BIC Bright Ink (Group), since 2004, when Shenzhen Bright Ink & Coating Co.,Ltd. was first established, has been positioned to specialize in the research, development and manufacture of "high-end environmentally friendly printing inks". At present, Shenzhen Bright Ink & Coating Co.,Ltd. and Shandong Bright Ink Co.,Ltd. are national high-tech enterprises and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. Zhongshan Bright environmental protection oil company as a research and development base, is playing an important role.

Since the company was founded in Shenzhen 19 years ago, Bright has developed and produced "High-end Flexo Ink, Flexo UV Ink, Flexo Instant Lottery Scratch Ink, Gravure Printing Ink, Roller Screen UV Ink, Specialty Ink, Brand Protection/Anti-counterfeiting Ink (with the national qualification of anti-counterfeiting), Industrial UV-LED Digital Inkjet", etc., which are sold and served in the field of cigarette labeling, printing, and printing ink. Our products are sold in the fields of cigarette label printing, label printing, liquid sterile package printing, lottery and other special printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, etc. Our sales and service network has been expanded to the whole country. Sales and service network to the national layout, foreign trade exports to Southeast Asia, Central America, Russia increased year by year, "BIC Britt" brand is realizing internationalization.

Bright attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, "relying on scientific and technological innovation to improve quality" as the first "quality policy". Up to now, we have the following products: "Offset Inline Flexo UV White Ink", "Cigarette Packet Gravure Ink", "Lottery Flexo Squeegee Ink", "Sterile Packet Flexo Ink", "Flexo Ink", "Flexo Ink", "Flexo Ink", "Flexo Ink" and "Flexo Ink". Ink", "a UV curing inkjet material and its preparation method and application 202211019811.7" and other invention patents 9, utility model patents 4.

Shandong Bright Ink Co.,Ltd. , in November 2019, was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, and in December 2022, passed the re-examination; in June 2022, was recognized as Shandong Province, "Specialized, Specialized, Specialized and New" enterprises; in July 2022, won the Dezhou Science and Technology Award.