Shenzhen Bright Ink & Coating Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BIC), established in August 2004, has been a professional manufacturer focusing on

environment-friendly high-end printing inks and paper and plastic coatings for 19 years. It is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen and a national high-tech enterprise.


It mainly develops and produces high-end water-based ink, UV flexographic ink and UV LDE inkjet; Sales services in packaging printing, label printing, special and

anti-counterfeiting printing and other fields.


In May 2013, handong Bright Ink Co.,Ltd. was established. It purchased land of 20090 ㎡ in Linyi East High tech Zone, Dezhou City, and invested in the construction of a large

production base; In July 2014, the office building and factory building area was 8000 m2, and the ink production capacity was 8000 tons/year. In November 2019,

it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise.


In June 2018,Zhongshan Bright Eco-Ink Co.,Ltd. was established to undertake the R&D and production functions transferred from Shenzhen Bright,

and establish a Bright Environmental Protection Ink R&D base in Gaoping Chemical Park, Triangle Town; And build a production base in South China with an ink production

capacity of 1000 tons/year.



Bright Ink attaches great importance to independent R&D and technological innovation. At present, Bright Ink has 9 national

invention patents, and has led and participated in the formulation of more than 15 national ink standards and ink industry standards.


Bright has established the core values of "honesty, responsibility, excellence, harmony; respect, trust, innovation, inheritance", and is committed to establishing and developing

the corresponding corporate culture and cooperation philosophy. "Guided by customer value proposition, cooperate with partners of stakeholders to create a perfect and

harmonious humanistic environment in the 21st century" is the development goal that Bright pursues persistently.


BIC Bright's main business


Bright has been committed to the R&D and production of environment-friendly flexographic printing inks (including flexographic water-based ink and flexographic UV ink) for 18 years, and its sales service is in the fields of cigarette package printing, label printing and instant lottery flexographic printing.

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Perfect and high-quality


Bright UV flexographic printing ink accounts for more than 35% of the domestic label printing market, and is also exported to Southeast Asia, Russia, Latin America and other countries. The "BIC Bright" brand is being internationalized.

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Intellectual property achievements


Bright paid attention to intellectual property rights, applied for 9 authorized invention patents, led and participated in the formulation of national ink standards and ink industry standards, and became the national ink The development of industrial norms and the standardization of printing ink operations have made due contributions.

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