Congratulations to Bright Ink on winning the title of "Honest Cigarette Pack Supplier of the Year 2020"


From October 27 to 29, 2021, "Huaxia Vision" 2021 Tobacco Packaging latest development trend Seminar, "Yellow Crane Tower · Aidwans" cup, "Heaven Night" 2020 tobacco packaging series selection activities were held in the heroic city of Wuhan.

Zhang Fengnian, president of Bright Ink (Group), who participated in the formulation of the new national ink standard GB 38507-2020, gave a wonderful speech on the topic of "New National Standard Interpretation of environmentally friendly ink and solutions for intaglio ink".

Ink new national standard GB 38507-2020 provisions: gravure ink VOCs content limit, used for printing absorptive substrate, original ink ≤15%; Non-absorbent substrate, original ink ≤30%. The content of VOCs in machine ink after adding diluent adjustment is not applicable, that is, there is no limit.

At the same time, it is announced that Bright intaglio ink VOCs≤15% products, in July this year has been in Jinan Quanyong Printing, test printing red general small box special red achieved success, printing speed reached 160m/min.

In this meeting, Bright won the "2020 Annual Cigarette Pack Honest Supplier" Award, which is a high affirmation of Bright ink's leading technology, stable product quality and company reputation.

In the future, Bright will make continuous efforts to make greater contributions to the development of tobacco packaging printing ink technology.